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Working From Home and The Benefit of Venetian Blinds

Fitting blinds over many years in different buildings. rooms and projects has really given the team at Freshview Blinds ideas of what can work well.

Here’s some of our thoughts on working from home.

What are the best types of blinds to fit for working from a home office? It's easy to not give it much thought and that a blind is jus a blind. The right choice can have a huge impact on your productivity and improve the room's overall ambience.

Venetian blinds are popular because they provide a distraction-free and glare-free environment which is easy to use. They also have a sleek, modern and minimal design.

Glare Prevention

From a design perspective, Venetian blinds are simple to use and can be opened and closed accordingly depending on the time of day. This can help to improve your focus and productivity in your home office.

Sun glare can be frustrating and cause you to work at a slower pace; it can also damage to your electrical equipment and cause colour fading to fabrics.

If you want to keep your home office functional, while being able to adjust the blinds so they don't overheat the space, then these are a great option. They will also help with natural light.

Natural Light

In order to avoid too much heat and light, soft furnishings such as curtains can be used. However, this means the room will stay completely dark for a number of hours, eliminating your ability to work with large screens or read in a brightly lit room. It also requires that you spend more money on electricity in the daytime by keeping your lights on.

People who like Venetian blinds also like the fact that they can control the amount of light that comes into the room, filtering natural light to make working from home more practical but also to help with glare protection when the sun streams through your office windows.

Venetian blinds have slats that can rotate almost in the opposite direction and can be positioned to maximise views. Adjustability and looking outside means your eyes can get a much needed rest from staring at a monitor for hours on end.

Keeping Cool in the Summer

When it's hot, a venetian blind provides that much-needed shade. Not only do they look good and allow in light, but they also keep your devices cool and your batteries charged.

To avoid the room from getting too hot, you can use Venetian blinds to let the air flow in and out without letting in too much sun.

When you're hot and bothered in your home office, open the windows and leave a little bit of space between your door so that a breeze can come through your office and help you focus on what you're doing.

Interested in Venetian Blinds for Your Home Office?

The first thing that sets Freshview Blinds apart is the variety of choice we offer, including our range of venetian blinds for different types of room and windows, and many customisation options. No matter what size your window is, we can create a fitting for it.

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